38th Annual Festival of Trees and Light Brings the Community Together 38th Annual Festival of Trees and Light

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK (NCC News)— This week marks the final stretch for the Everson Museum’s 38th annual Festival of Trees and Light. However, the festival doesn’t include just typical holiday decorations. Live performances and activities will also be offered throughout the week.

The festival has become a tradition in many families, including for Syracuse resident Jack Griswold. 

“I come out here with my family every year,” Griswold said. “It’s good to see the community come out together and see all the lights and decorations.” 

The festival initially began in 1985, where 47 decorated trees were on display. This year, over 130 unique decorations from all major holidays are on display. 

While the festival did begin on Dec. 2, there is still a full week of festivities ahead. More information and tickets can be found on Everson’s website.

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