A Camillus Restaurant Is Debuting Dining “Bubbles” A Camillus Restaurant is Debuting Dining "Bubbles"

CAMILLUS, N.Y. (NCC News) – Temperatures are getting cooler in Central New York, but one local restaurant has found a unique solution to let their customers continue to dine outside.

“I guess dining in a bubble is what 2020 looks like,” said Michele Roesch, the owner of The Brasserie Bar & Bistro in Camillus.

The restaurant debuted their four new outdoor dining bubbles Wednesday.

“It went kind of crazy on social media. I was not expecting this many people to be interested, but I want to say 99% of it has been positive,” said Roesch.

Many restaurants started offering outdoor dining as a result the COVID-19 pandemic. The Brasserie Bar & Bistro will be keeping customers safe in the bubbles by having a 10-minute period to wipe down the area between guests. There are also vents at the top and the doors can be left open for air circulation.

“With everything that’s been going on there are a lot of people nervous to dine inside and they haven’t really been out yet. With these pods, they’re making reservations to come out and dine,” said Roesch.

While the Brasserie Bar & Bistro has not taken reservations in the five years since it opened, they are making an exception for the outdoor bubbles. Interested customers can call and reserve one of the four tables. Roesch said to be prepared to feel like you’re outside.

“It’s supposed to be about ten degrees warmer inside the bubble, but it is still outdoor dining; you can’t step in and be in spring or summer wear,” said Roesch.

Roesch is looking into finding a way to heat the bubbles as the winter months get closer, since the bubbles aren’t going away anytime soon.

“I plan on keeping them up as long as I can,” said Roesch. “Hopefully through December, but I’ll make the call there.”

The bubbles are also going to have their own “bubble themed drinks.” These specials may include drinks in fishbowls, snow globes, and bubbly drinks such as champagne.


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