A Car Crashes Into Walnut Hall A Car Crashes Into Walnut Hall

Jenna Elique, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – Two Syracuse University students were stunned when a car crashed through their dorm window.  

Walnut Hall resident Bryan Hudnell said he was told a car unhitched from the back of a tow truck and came through their window. 

Hudnell had a positive attitude following the accident. 

“ No one was hurt. Nothing significant of ours was damaged so everything is fine. Everything is okay,” said Hudnell.

The Office of Housing spoke with Hudnell and his roommate AJ Santosuosso about what the next steps will be. 

“The plan is we have to get most of our stuff and move to Dellplain until they fix the window and the wall. So we’re maybe, temporarily, located,” said Hudnell. 

Hudnell and Santosuosso have not been given an official timeline but they think they will be out of their room for at least two weeks.

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