A Fitness Class is Not Just for Burning Calories… A Fitness Class in Central New York is Not Just for Burning Calories...

SYRACUSE, N.Y. –  One fitness class at Edge Fitness  in Syracuse targets an unexpected group of people: pregnant women.                  

Strong as an Expecting Mother is a six-week workout class for pregnant women. The 45 minute class runs at 9:00 a.m.every Saturday morning. The class is lead by a trainer named Meghan Barrett  who specializes in pre and postnatal exercise. 

Barrett was inspired to run the class through her pregnancy journey. She says these classes have turned into a “passion” for her. However, she explains there is a taboo when working out while pregnant.  

Fitness trainer – Meghan Barrett working out while pregnant.
© 2020 Meghan Barrett

“There are two big misconceptions and they are both opposite ends of the spectrum. [One] is working out during pregnancy, women shouldn’t and they should just be bedridden for nine months and not do anything or the other opposite of the extreme are women push themselves probably too much during pregnancy and don’t really know how to stop,” said Meghan Barrett. 

Ashley Graham is one of many celebrities who showcased herself working out while pregnant and states she has never felt better!  According to a study by the Mayo Clinic, exercising well pregnant is highly encouraged. Moreover, Barrett recommends working out with someone who is experienced and can help. 

“I would let them know that I get it. This is a very intimate time for women, especially for a first pregnancy, she’s going in completely blind, I would tell them definitely if they are looking to work out, go to someone who is an expert in the field,” said Barrett. 

 If you are an expecting mom looking to work out while pregnant,  you know where to go!

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