A Formative Friendship A Formative Friendship

Formative Friendship

VO: Supper is a special time at 329 Comstock.

Sarah: “Sharing a meal with people, that’s definitely something that’s always been a part of my life.”

VO: The chicken is getting there, the broccoli is a little ahead of schedule, but the quinoa is perfect. And good thing too. This evening, Sarah Boughan is serving someone special.

Sarah: “This smells wicked good.”

VO: Her best friend, Natalie Blyznak.

Sarah: “I told her on the second day of school that we were going to become best friends. I told her that!”

VO: The prediction came true. The pair have happily lived together for three years together at Syracuse University with countless laughs, and a few tears along the way.

Natalie Bylznak : She’s just been there for me. Like when I was upset, she was a shoulder to cry on.

VO: The support is a two-way street. When the two met as freshmen, Sarah’s life, in her own words was a…

Sarah: “…a complete mess. Just insecure. Didn’t know what I wanted. Didn’t know how to be happy.”

VO: In high school the stress had been piling up. Sarah wasn’t eating.

Sarah: “I thought I looked fat even though I was extremely underweight.”

VO: As the scale dropped to double digits, others began to take notice.

Sarah: “My high school teacher had to go down to the nurses office to call my parents because she saw I had lost so much weight.”

VO: In college, insecurities were erased when Sarah met Natalie. The duo quickly became inseparable.

Natalie: “I honestly see Sarah as a sister. We have a very special relationship I think.”

VO: Their relationship helped Sarah recover.

Sarah: “I think sometimes it takes you realizing you can thrive somewhere else to be confident in yourself.”

VO: And pick up a new hobby… cooking.

Sarah: “Natalie normally makes it but I tried it the other day.”
Natalie: “Yeah she’s pretty good at it.”

VO: She’s a different person from high school. Both in mind and body… and that’s a good thing.

Sarah: Thank God. It wouldn’t be good if I was the same person I was when I was 18.

VO: Whole, healthy, and with people she loves. Chris Venzon, Reporting for Mornings on the Hill

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