A New High School Tradition has Raised Some Safety Concerns A New High School Tradition has Raised Some Safety Concerns

Senior 'Assassin' Game Popular Among Central New York High Schoolers

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — Manlius officials and residents have caught wind of a high school tradition that has raised safety concerns around the community. The “Senior Assassin” game includes groups of students using either water or nerf guns to play a large game of tag. The problem is some water guns are not bright and colorful and can resemble real guns.

“Make sure that your water guns look like water guns. Don’t use anything that someone could mistake for a real weapon. We just want to make sure that everyone playing it stays safe and the community stays safe while they’re playing it,” said Rebecca Kammar, a town of Manlius police officer.

The game has been going on for years, but it has created more chaos than usual this year. Notices of trespassing have led to 911 calls in Manlius neighborhoods.

Damen Golden, Fayetville-Manlius High School resource officer, does not believe it’s all fun and games.

“We’re trying to relay to them that no matter what you do, the whole concept of this just isn’t safe,” said Golden.

The game also includes an app that allows students to track each other’s location.  Kammar is advising students to be careful who they share their location with.

“So, be aware that when you agree to this app you are sharing your location with all of the people playing the game, which adds the concern of who is playing the game. Do you know everyone you are agreeing to play with and share your location with?” Kammar said.

While the game is meant to be fun, officials say students need to be careful with the way they play.

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