A Syracuse Shoe Repair Store Aims to Help CNY Residents at a Low Cost A Syracuse Shoe Repair Store Aims to Help CNY Residents

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – A local shoe store owner is making sure all CNY residents are accommodated during these economic struggles.

Ralph Rotella, the owner of Discount Shoe Repair aims to help those who are struggling financially during the winter season.

Ralph Rotella: I don’t want people to go without, I make sure everyone who comes in is taken care of.

Rotella says that he is willing to negotiate prices to help those who are purchasing shoes, coats, jackets, belts and more in his store.

Ralph Rotella: I work for myself you know, I’m a one-man guy, if I make $5 it’s better than nothing because things are tough for everybody. I try to help everybody.

Rotella also has volunteers who help him keep his store afloat such as Mary Cusano.

Cusano has been volunteering for Rotella for over five years and loves every minute of it. Cusano enjoys the feeling of helping others, especially when they need it the most. 

Mary Cusano: You’re helping somebody you know; you see people with shoes that are like omg how do they wear them; you know they’re rough they’re not even fit to wear because they can fall apart.

Even though Cusano spends her time at other volunteer locations she said she loves working with Rotella the most, as she always stays busy.

Mary Cusano: I like to be here at the store and yeah, to help out even if I don’t get paid, at least I’m doing something, I’m not sitting home.

For Rotella’s services, you can visit the Discount Shoe Repair store at 114 E. Washington St. in Syracuse, NY.

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