A Utica Art Studio Opens Its Latest Exhibit This Week A Utica Art Studio Opens Its Latest Exhibit This Week

The 4 Elements Studio thinks people are ready to see art in person again.

UTICA, NY. (NCC News) — The 4 Elements Studio is opening an exhibition of Utica artist Ken Marchione’s paintings on Monday, August 9th. Marchione, who is currently the Interim Dean of PrattMWP College of Art and Design, is known for the personal nature of his work and his combination of painting, drawing, and collage.

“It’s interesting, it’s very personal, it’s like he is telling us a story of what happened to him,” said Executive Director Vartan Poghosian of Marchione’s work. “It’s almost like a biographical subject matter which is really fascinating because it’s like Alice In Wonderland because I don’t know the reality of his personal life or where he comes from but looking at his paintings it looks very interesting.”

Poghosian’s efforts to get the work on display were ultimately complicated by the pandemic. The exhibition was originally scheduled to debut last year but was postponed when the studio closed in March of 2020. Forcing 4 Elements to cancel all its exhibitions and move its arts education programming online.

“We decided early on [in 2020] to push everything to this year,” said Assistant Director Holly Flitcroft. “Which is complicated because we had exhibitions, some fundraising events, and open studios with the resident artists that we were going to do.”

Even now with its doors open once more the studio has made changes to its usual practices. All visits to the exhibition are, for the time being, by appointment only. Despite last year’s closures and this year’s capacity restrictions Poghosian believes people are eager to engage with Utica’s art community once again.

“Art is such an amazing tool to feel good about life,” mused Poghosian. “When you’re drawn to something… it’s almost like therapy. I feel like right now people are really ready to go out.”

Marchione’s exhibition will be open until Friday, September 10th and, if health protocols permit, will close with 4 Element’s first in-person artist reception of the year.


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