A Village Owned By Women A Village Owned By Women

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – The national percentage of women business owners has climbed significantly in recent years. 39 % of women are at the top of the chain in firms. This being an enormous jump from just a short few decades ago.

But if you make the trip over to Tully, N.Y., you’d be surprised to walk into a majority of businesses being ran by women.

And one woman has defied all odds in her local town. From graduate school, to building a business from the ground up, while raising a family. And being the Mayor.

Melissa Flint-Morgan. A champion at juggling multiple things at once, and being successful at them. Her coffee shop, Bloomin’ Cup being a huge spot in Tully.

“Running a business and being Mayor, they’re such tremendously scary jumps that I made,” she said. “But I wouldn’t have made them if I didn’t have, in the background, someone who was reassuring me and pushing me.”

And that’s what Flint-Morgan has tried bringing inside of her business and her duties as Mayor. Unwavering support. Something that brings manuy people together and allows others to strive for better things.

Mandy Hart, a hair stylist at the Helmet Head Hair Salon, notices how important the support between business is, and that a lot of it starts with Flint-Morgan leading the way.

“When we go into her shop for coffee religiously, sometimes three times a day, she sends people our way,” said Hart. “I think it is so cool to see so many women owning businesses in such a small town. The empowerment of the women in this town that are all local and from Tully is amazing.”

It’s a system that runs thick from business to business. With a small radius of business after business down the street, it’s essential to keep each other going and give customers, whether residents of Tully or outsiders, to feel welcome and keep coming back. Especially when a lot of these stores have women in charge. Something that is a recent trend in America.

“It’s like an ecosystem. We’re all in this together,” said Flint-Morgan. “We all rely on each other in some way, shape or form.”

And on top of all that she does, Flint-Morgan is looking to do even more. With the elections coming up on Tuesday, she is running for Town Supervisor.

This position would force her to step down as Mayor, but it’s an act of change on her part. She knows she probably won’t win, but she wanted to put some pressure on the Tully leadership that hasn’t done much change in a long time.

Something she wants to do to continue to help build the strong community around her.

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