AAA Predicts Record Breaking Travel Numbers for Thanksgiving Holiday AAA Predicts Recording Breaking Thanksgiving For Travel

A recent study predicts over 54 million people will hit the road next week.

DEWITT, N.Y. (NCC News) — Americans nationwide are preparing for the busiest week of travel in the calendar year.

A recent study from AAA predicts that over 54 million people will be hitting the roads in the coming week and will be heading to their desired location for Thanksgiving. AAA Communications Specialist Valerie Puma mentioned that 2022 just might be a record setting year.

“We’re at about 98 percent so you can see that people really missed their families during the pandemic,” Puma said. “It’s been enough time, a lot of people are feeling safer and they’re able to travel a little bit more so this is going to be one of the first years that we’re almost back to normal with people being able to travel and see their families.”

Local customers at the Dewitt branch are willing and ready to take that next step and travel this Thanksgiving. Senior Travel Consultant Geraldine Van Alstine hinted at the fact that one destination is standing out more than ever.

“You know, a lot of people do go to Florida for just like a vacation because they have the extra time, but a lot for the Thanksgiving holiday it’s just going to visit the family,” Van Alstine said.

If you are traveling via automobile this holiday season, AAA recommends that you keep an emergency road kit in your car for extended drives. Some of the items that are found in these kits are jumper cables and a flashlight with extra batteries.

AAA offers numerous tips and precautions per the desired mode of transportation, like keeping an emergency road kit in your car for long drives. However, Van Alstine mentioned that there are specific suggestions for those that are choosing to fly.

“So, if you’re flying, I would recommend trying to pack as light as possible,” Van Alstine said. “Bring it in a carry-on bag so that if there are flight delays or cancellations you can easily move from one flight to another.”

AAA recommends that you follow all safety procedures this holiday season no matter where you are heading and your method of transportation.


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