All Season Tires Might Not Be The Best Choice This Winter All Season Tires Might Not Be The Best Choice This Winter

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Many parts across Central New York saw snow today. While people update their winter coat and boot collection, many people forget to update their car for the season too. Masello’s Auto Shop owner, Anthony Masello said that every year they get a rush of people coming in for the same needs after the snow has already come.

“First snowfall is always the worst,” said Masello. “It’s when when people find out how bad their tires are or their cars might not steer right and might pull or something and end up off the road.”

Masello said that even if your tires are a little worn out, you should still get new ones on before driving in the snow.

“If you have a set of all season tires that are half or better worn, when the weather gets really slick they can be very hazardous,” said Masello. “You find out that you need tires when you’re off the road somewhere.”

Service technician at the auto shop, David Majerus, said that 95% of the accidents he sees with cars off the road happen because of tire issues. A big misconception that both explained was that people think all season tires are good enough to last all year round. However, Majerus said differently.

“All season is basically a summer tire,” said Majerus. “If you try to drive around with an all season tire in New York it doesn’t handle very well, This car is actually here for snow tires.”

Masello also agreed that what may work in other area just won’t do here in Central New York.

“Most of your tires are classified as all season but when you’re living in Central New York you got to have the right tire on your car,” said Masello. “They just don’t cut it a lot of them.”

Masello and Majerus explained that, compared to all season tires, winter tires have a softer rubber compound and a more aggressive tread design which are the essential parts to great traction on snow and ice.

Close up of all season tire
An all season tire that shows its hard rubber compound and less aggressive tread design.
© 2021 Sydni Eure (c) 2021
Close up of winter tire
A winter tire that shows its soft rubber compound and aggressive tread design.
© 2021 Sydni Eure (c) 2021


The winter tire is designed to push and direct snow toward the outer parts of the tire to help maintain a solid grip to the slick winter terrain.

Masello said to do everything you can to make sure your car is mechanically fit for winter. Along with getting those winter tires, he said to keep on on general maintenance no matter what the season.

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