Animal Adoptions Are on The Rise During the Holidays Animal Adoptions Are on The Rise During the Holidays

After the holidays, the turn-in rates go up

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Every year during the holiday season, the number of adoptions at local animal shelters increases. Which seems like a good thing, right? Well, not exactly because according to Dee Schaefer, head of the Humane Center at the Central New York SPCA, a few weeks later, a good amount of these animals are returned to the shelters.

Schaefer said, “Surprises aren’t the best because you don’t know if the animal will be a good fit for the person you are getting it for.”

And, when the two are not a match, the animal ends up back where they started. This places yet another burden on the shelter because they now have to find new space for the animal that they may have given to a new rescue brought into the shelter in the weeks the originally adopted animal was gone.

Foster dog mom, Sara Worthley said the best way to avoid this is to bring your loved one with you to pick out their new pet. She said, “Instead of making it a surprise, make the act of coming to the shelter and deciding on the dog or cat the present.”

Schaefer said if you really want to avoid harm to the animal, you should wait to adopt your pet a few weeks before the holiday season or after because the time, in general, is stressful for pets.

“They are in a new environment and people are not paying attention as much because they are getting their house ready for the festivities,” said Schaefer.

If you are looking to adopt either for yourself or for a loved one, the Central New York SPCA said it is important to know these facts and proceed in accordance.


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