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NCC News anchor Brianna Liberman tells us what’s happening around the national and world in today’s NCC Newsbrief.

The Olympic committee and Japan have postponed the 2020 games due to the covid-19 pandemic. Instead, the Olympics will take place next summer, and will still be held in Tokyo.

And the number of coronavirus cases in the United States continues to rise, while also spreading through Congress. Amy Klobuchar’s husband is currently hospitalized and being treated for his symptoms.

Staying on coverage with this pandemic-hospitals and facilities are in need of protective gear like gloves and masks. FEMA’s administrator urged all governors to obtain any supplies they can, and said that states will be reimbursed.

Check out these stories in today’s NCC Newsbrief.

Liberman: “Here’s the latest national and international from NCC News. I’m Brianna Liberman.”

“Sports leagues are continuing to cancel their seasons because of coronavirus. First, the NBA, NCAA, and MLB. And now the Olympics. Japan and the International Olympic Committee have postponed Tokyo’s games until next summer. The Committee says the decision is necessary for everyone’s safety.

As covid-19 continues to sweep through the nation, it is also making it’s way through Congress. Former presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar’s husband is currently hospitalized.”

Klobuchar:”He had pneumonia, he was coughing up blood, and his oxygen levels were dangerously low. So he’s been there for a few days now.”

Liberman:”Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Ben McAdams have also tested positive for coronavirus.

And hospitals nationwide are seeing shortages in protective gear and medical supplies. FEMA’s administrator Peter Gaynor urges states to get what they can.”

Gaynor:”Right now, we’re focused on getting those critical items to those states most in need. And what I say to all governors out there: if you find a source, go buy it; FEMA will reimburse you.”

Liberman:”That’s the news at this hour.Brianna Liberman, NCC News.”

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