Audio: NCC Newsbrief 3/31/20 Audio: NCC Newsbrief 3/31/20

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GAMBARO: Here’s the latest national and international news from NCC News. I’m Carson Gambaro. Today is the second day of the nationwide Instacart and Amazon strike. Workers say they’re worried about whether their jobsite is clean enough to protect them from coronavirus.

BRYSON: We don’t have nobody that definitely verifies that this is done – officially done. Like, if you go in there now, like, when we started this and walked in there, they’re just talking about, “We’re going by C-D-C standards.” But when we called the C-D-C, they’re not.

GAMBARO: Strikers are demanding protections like hand sanitizer and say they won’t return to work without them. The virus has shut down international sports, however former N-B-A star Stephon Marbury, now a Chinese basketball coach believes basketball will soon return in China.

MARBURY: It’s looking towards the end of April. For sure in May, based upon what I’ve heard.

GAMBARO: Marbury says he’s been tested twice for coronavirus. Syracuse police say 60-year old Francis Mason is the victim of Sunday night’s motorcycle crash near downtown. Police are still investigating the cause of the wreckage. That’s the news at this hour. Carson Gambaro, N-C-C News.

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