Audio: NCC Newsbrief March 24, 2020 NCC Newsbrief

The latest a flash.

GAMBARO: Here’s the latest national and international news from NCC News. I’m Carson Gambaro. The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics are postponed for at least a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Japan’s prime minister and the International Olympic Committee made the decision after several hints from national Olympic committee members.

CARROLL: We’re in times that are hardly certain, and we have to provide certainty to both our athletes and our sports.

GAMBARO: That was Australian Olympic Committee CEO Matt Carroll. The Tokyo Games would have begun this July. COVID-19 is surging in the U.S., especially in New York State with over 20,000 cases. Governor Cuomo says he does not see this trend slowing soon.

CUOMO: You’re going to see the number of infections, the number of cases, increase dramatically. You’re going to see an overcapacity of our health system.

GAMBARO: The uptick in cases has now cancelled Syracuse University commencement. However, LeMoyne students will still have a ceremony. Than’s the news at this hour. Carson Gambaro, NCC News.

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