Bagpiper Honors Troops at the NY State Fair Bagpiper Honors Troops at the NY State Fair

(CHICCHI): Although he might not have served in the military himself, Jack Hines understands just how important it is to pay respect to the troops. Better known under the performance name “Piper Jack,” Hines uses his musical training to honor community members who have dedicated their lives to service.

(HINES): I’ve been playing the pipes for over 40 years, so I’ve piped a lot of veterans homes. A lot of firemen, policemen homes.

(CHICCHI): On this particular day, Piper Jack is preparing to welcome Gold Star mothers to the fair with his rendition of Amazing Grace. This isn’t where his knowledge of patriotic music ends, however.

(HINES): I do all the marine corps, the army tunes.

(CHICCHI): But Piper Jack doesn’t just perform out of his love for the U-S. His piping is largely influenced by his Scotish heritage.

(HINES): My mother’s, was born in Scotland, came over when she was 19. I would say it’s in my blood.

(CHICCHI): From the New York State Fair, I’m Claire Chicchi, N-C-C News.

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