Baseball Season is Back at NBT Bank Stadium Baseball Season is Back at NBT Bank Stadium

SYRACUSE, NY — The sights at NBT Bank Stadium last week were different than they have been over the past few months. Kids running around, fans in the stands cheering.

That’s how you know baseball season is underway. The Syracuse Mets began their home campaign last weekend against the Rochester Red Wings.

It’s an exciting season in Syracuse, with three of the Mets top ten prospects – Ronny Mauricio, Mark Vientos, and Brett Baty – making Syracuse their temporary home.

Number one prospect Francisco Alvarez was on the roster for a short period of time, but already found his way to Queens with the Major League squad.

“With Vientos, Mauricio, Baty, there’s a lot of young talent,” said Syracuse Mets Community Relations and Marketing Assistant Nick Costanzo. “I think this is probably one of the best teams we’ve had in years. It’ll be really fun to watch these guys.”

It’s not just baseball that is so exciting. One of the biggest parts of minor league baseball is how entertaining they try to make the games for people.

Promotions are huge for the Mets, and they are introducing a few new things this year in an attempt to draw different crowds.

One new promotion is “We Care Wednesday,” where they bring non-profit organizations to the stadium.

“We are highlighting certain charitable organizations and allowing them to set up camp on the concourse and join us on the radio and streaming broadcasts and promote their causes, which are excellent causes,” said Syracuse Mets Play by Play Broadcaster Evan Stockton. “We had a couple of really cool organizations here yesterday.”

Hot Dog in Front of NBT Bank Stadium's field
Currently at NBT Bank Stadium, hot dogs are $2, 16 OZ beers are $3, and soft drinks and select merchandise items are $1.
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A constant in these promotions is a fan favorite, Dollar Thursday.

Dollar Thursday started at NBT Bank Stadiums years ago, when fans could come to the stadium and get beer, hot dogs, soft drinks, and certain merchandise items for just one dollar.

Since then, prices have changed a bit, but fans still take advantage of the promotion, especially college students.

“Well I don’t know if you know this, we are located in the same town as a very popular university where a lot of the students like to have a good time,” said Stockton. “So when you give them an excuse to have a good time with discounted alcohol, they’re going to show up at your baseball game.”

Another new factor at NBT Bank Stadium this year is the method of payment.

The stadium is now completely cashless. It started last year with the parking lot going cashless.

The Mets are on the road this week, and return to NBT Bank Stadium next Tuesday, April 18, when the Durham Bulls come to town.

EVAN: so we’ve had really good crowds here at the Ballpark uh so far this season they’ll get obviously bigger and bigger as the weather gets warmer and kids get out of school and everyone’s got their summer plans and obviously baseball here in Syracuse is such a big part of so many people’s plans

NICK: um and then we care Wednesdays which is a new program that I’m helping work on um getting 501c3 in non-profit organizations uh out to the stadium to kind of promote their organization and get some more eyes on it

EVAN: because when you come to the ballpark if you come early you’re probably getting something at a discount or for free that’s that’s how it goes and we’re like everybody else when you get here we want to make sure it’s the best time as possible

NICK: um I think one of our best ones is Irish night um we’ve done that for the past couple years and the fans love it we do a giveaway Jersey for that bring out the bagpipers uh kind of put on a really nice show for the fans

EVAN: so we are getting Mets fans from Connecticut New Jersey Long Island from the city itself yeah so they get to come here and watch the prospects and have a good time because that’s what you do in college so yeah when it’s a dollar night you get more people from SU and that’s kind of part of the plan

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