Basketball Season Means Business On Marshall Basketball Season Means Business on Marshall

As basketball season kicks off, Marshall Street is going to get very crowded.

LIEPPER: Syracuse Men’s basketball kicks off with preseason action tonight, which means businesses on Marshall Street are about to get a lot more crowded. N-C-C News Reporter Jacob Kronberg is live on Marshall Street to explain the impact basketball season has on nearby businesses.

KRONBERG: Marshall Street gets so packed on game-days, the lines are out the doors at restaurants and stores such as Varsity Pizza, Manny’s and Acropolis. Acropolis Manager Steve Papazedis has experienced it all first hand.

PAPAZEDIS: “I’ve seen it almost to Starbucks. I remember like back in the years, when we used to play Villanova. Craziness.”

KRONBERG: The craziness is because Syracuse Basketball is second in the country in attendance with more than 21,000 fans a game. Fans want the full gameday experience, and Marshall Street is part of that.

Jacob Kronberg, N-C-C News.

The Syracuse Men’s basketball season officially began Thursday, which means Marshall Street is going to get busy.

“We get packed. I mean there are people that have had season tickets that have been going on now for twenty years,” said Steven Papazedis, who manages Acropolis Pizza House & Restaurant on Marshall Street.

Marshall Street is located right next to the Syracuse University campus, thus making it a hot commodity on game days. It is full of restaurants and stores such as Acropolis, Varsity Pizza and Manny’s. These places get filled to the brim when Syracuse Basketball is in town.

For the lines, “I’ve seen it almost to Starbucks,” said Papazedis.

The city of Syracuse bleeds Orange. People love to come out and support the basketball team at the largest venue in college basketball: The Carrier Dome. The Dome can hold 34,616 fans for basketball games, which is 11,000 more than Rupp Arena in Kentucky, the second-largest basketball arena. 

A lot of seats means a lot of fans. And a lot of fans is exactly what Syracuse gets. Since the Carrier Dome was built in 1980, the Men’s Basketball team has placed in the top five for average attendance in the county. They average over 21,000 fans a game.

A lot of fans means the campus gets crowded. When those crowds need food, they head to Marshall Street.

Thursday’s game was only a preseason game, and the line at Varsity Pizza was nearly out the door.

“It’s kind of tradition I think. I mean you go, you eat, you have a couple of beers, and you enjoy the game after,” said Papazedis. “When I think of SU, I think of Marshall Street.”

Noble Smith Junior agrees.

“It’s convenient, it’s always open, the food’s great,” said Smith.

Noble grew up in Syracuse and knows Marshall Street is a must stop for fans.

“It’s a great atmosphere,” said Smith.

Fans want the full game day experience when they come to Syracuse, and Marshall Street is a part of that.


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