Bicycle Shortage Causes Price Increase At One Bike Shop Bicycle Shortage Causes Prices To Rise Here In Syracuse

Syracuse Bicycle is experiencing the effects of the national supply shortage.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —  The national supply shortage due to COVID-19 is causing issues in products all over the board. That includes the bicycle industry.

After being one of the few industries that saw a boost during the pandemic, the bicycle industry could be facing troubles during the upcoming holiday season.

Syracuse Bicycle service manager Zach Ryan said that some items have taken over a year to get into stock.

“We had a good back stock thankfully, but for new things it was about thirteen months from when we ordered to when we received them,” Ryan said.

Ryan also said that some of the biggest delays have come from the bigger manufacturers. Shimano is one of the largest suppliers of bike parts in the world, and their products are the ones taking over a year, Ryan said.

“Their newer, more modern stuff that’s on pretty much every bike that we have is hard to come by right now,” Ryan said.

Store manager Zak Field said that the lack of parts from companies like Shimano has caused prices on bikes to rise. According to Field, the prices for some bikes of risen at least five times in the last year or so. He said is hoping that the prices won’t continue to rise.

“I sure hope it doesn’t continue the way that it’s going right now because it may price certain people out of the sport entirely which is too bad,” Field said.

So what does this all mean going forward? Like in other industries, getting ahead and making your orders early is important going forward. Field said if the bike isn’t in the store, then be prepared to wait.

“If you want a bicycle that is not under this roof right now, I would try to plan 3 to 6 months in advance for the bike that you want that we just don’t have right now,” Field said.

So if you’re looking to buy a friend or family member anything bicycle related for the holiday season, it’s time to place that order.

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