Biden Approves $5.8 Billion for Student Loan Debt Relief to Help Public Sector Workers Biden Approves $5.8 Billion for Student Loan Debt Relief

Over 78,000 public sector workers will be affected by this.

SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) – Early on Thursday, President Biden announced that student loan debt will be cancelled for nearly 80,000 public sector workers, including U.S. nurses, police officers and teachers. Those affected have been paying off their loans for at least 10 years and can expect to receive congratulatory emails sometime within the next week.

Another 380,000 public service workers could be eligible in the next two years for similar relief. Hundreds of thousands of emails will be sent out telling these workers to “keep [their good work] up!”

“If you continue your career in public service, you’re on track to get your eligible student loans forgiven in less than two years through Public Service Loan Forgiveness,” was in a White House sample email with today’s announcement.

Even with the Supreme Court cancelling the broad student loan relief program last year, the Biden administration has provided more student loan debt relief than any other U.S. president. Over $144 billion dollars in loans have been forgiven to date. Biden has been utilizing existing specialized student loan debt relief programs to compensate for the Supreme Court’s cancellation.


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