Big Turn Out for the Fayetteville Blood Drive Community support of Fayetteville blood drive due to blood shortage

A lack of blood donations has led to community support.

Morgan: American Red Cross senior account manager Katie Stepanian says that the turnout for this event has been overall impressive.

Katie Stepanian: “Very busy a lot of wonderful patient donors have come out to roll up there sleeves and answer the plea that we put out we go on appeal we went on appeal july 9th we really monitor our inventory levels before we go on appeal to the community to make sure we are not pulling donors when we not need their blood”

Morgan:Stepanian says overall she is happy with this turnout and coming up on August 9th there will be other blood drive for those of you who are in the area at Manley Field House

Im Morgan Alexander N-C-C News

By Morgan Alexander FAYETTEVILLE, NY (NCC News) –  The American Red Cross has been urging people to donate blood due to the low supply.

Katie Stepanian, American Red Cross senior account manager, said students are the main cause of this shortage.

“Students are 20% of our blood supply and with the holiday the Fourth of July Independence Day we had about 17,000 fewer donors come out because we had about 450 fewer blood drives going on,” said Stapanian.

Stepanian said that the need for blood is always a topic of conversation.

“The need for blood is constant every two seconds someone needs blood so hopefully we can get people to come out and maximize the capacity that we have at every blood drive,” said Stepanian.

The Fayetteville Blood Drive had a profound turn out and Stepanian said she is overwhelmed with the amount of community support and the reaction that the community has had to the plea for help with this issue.


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