Blink Fitness’ Partnership with Wegmans Helps Expansion Blink Fitness Partnership with Wegmans Helps Expansion

By Tamar Turner SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – Blink Fitness is preparing to open its second location in the Central New York Community. Their first facility is in Liverpool, but the newest one will be located on Onondaga Boulevard.

Assistant Club Manager Amazjah Grant says that Blink doesn’t want to be labeled as just another gym, because it goes beyond fitness.

“We offer mood lifters to ensure all guests are greeted with enthusiasm, upbeat music to keep the energy high and we have an everybody cleans policy to keep the facility at its best at all times,” said Grant.

The center in Liverpool and the new one in Onondaga are both located next to Wegmans and both companies have formed a partnership. Blink recognizes that a healthy lifestyle extends beyond just exercising and is using Wegman’s to showcase healthy choices and habits when it comes to eating.

“Blink and Wegmans pair well together because we are promoting the same message, and this partnership will allows us to continue to expand to more locations in more cities,” said Assistant Club Manager Alyssa Potrikus.

Blink has already done a few special events this year and Wegmans was able to come in and promote healthy eating through a variety of food samples.

The Onondaga Boulevard location is set to open some time in October, but a center in Rochester is in progress and Buffalo could be next.


The newest location for Blink Fitness will be located at 4722 Onondaga Boulevard.

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