Boil Advisory in DeWitt Alters Resident’s Daily Routine Boil Advisory in DeWitt Alters Residents' Daily Routines

Tests found coliform bacteria in the DeWitt water system

SYRACUSE,  N.Y. (NCC News) —The Onondaga County Health Department issued a boil advisory to the Town of DeWitt last Friday.

The order informed residents and businesses to boil all of their tap water before drinking or cooking, or to instead use bottled water.

Tests found coliform bacteria, which is present in human and animal waste, in the DeWitt water system. The advisory was lifted on Sunday, but its effects on people’s lives remain.

DeWitt resident Dylan McGee didn’t even know there was a boil advisory. McGee says his mother informed him of the news and told him to avoid using tap water in any way.

“I couldn’t really shower with my mouth open because the water coming out of the shower was still that water that was contaminated,” McGee said. “So that was strange. I tried to take as quick of a shower as possible, trying not to think about it.”

McGee said he didn’t realize how much of a necessity water is in his daily life. The boil advisory put the DeWitt native in an awkward situation early on.

“I went apple picking with my family and right when I got home I went to clean off one of the apples to eat and I realized right before I was about to eat it that I had washed it with the water that was contaminated,” McGee said.


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