Buffalo Bills Fan Travel Results in Syracuse Connection Buffalo Bills Fan Travel Results in Syracuse Connection

Airlines like Southwest have announced special direct flights for NFL season

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Airlines are starting to schedule specific direct flights to accommodate travel during the NFL season.  Even though Syracuse doesn’t have an NFL franchise, the nearby Buffalo Bills will have an impact on Hancock International Airport.

According to a press release from Southwest Airlines, the company added 42 special flights to support travel for 21 upcoming NFL games during the 2024-25 season. (Note, no flights were added yet for Weeks 12-13 & 16-18 of the regular season yet). Out of those 21 games, Buffalo was the most popular team listed with six.

Here is the entire breakdown for Buffalo-related travel:

Week 2: Buffalo @ Miami (Fort Lauderdale)

Week 4: Buffalo @ Baltimore

Week 5: Buffalo @ Houston

Week 10: Buffalo @ Indianapolis

Week 11: Kansas City @ Buffalo

Week 14: Buffalo @ Los Angeles

Due to the team’s passionate fan base that regularly travels in bunches to away games, this move isn’t too surprising. However, the possibility for direct flights from Syracuse to Buffalo isn’t something you hear of everyday.

Instead of driving the two and a half hours from Syracuse to Orchard Park, select airline will have day-of flights from the Salt City to Western New York. On the way home from the game, flights will continue to New York City. All of the traditional airfare that have Syracuse to Buffalo destinations have an New York City layover to get a full plane onboard.

No dates have been placed on Southwest’s or any other airlines website yet.

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