Burglaries Continually Occurs in Newbury Apartment Burglaries

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)—Police suddenly showed up at the quiet, beautiful 119 Newbury apartment this Thursday.  Someone had broken into renter Zhichao Xue’s  house the night before and took away two watches, two iPads, an iPhone and a laptop. According to Xue, it’s lucky for him not being in the house that night, but there’s almost nothing left when he got back.

Residents are now all very afraid to be the next victim of another burglary since there are already two in only two weeks but never happened before.

As for the other burglary victim Shengze Liang, the situation was even worse.

Liang says, they always locked the door at night, but one morning, it was opened.

According to the police’s investigation, the burglary occurred around 12 in the midnight. The thief just sneaked into the bedroom and took away a charing phone and a laptop right next to Liang’s pillow. The PS4 in the kitchen area was also been stolen.

Liang believes that any human being will be afraid of this, “I was lucky that I was not awakened by those people. If I woke up that night, God knows what’s gonna happen to me.”

Liang doesn’t think his lost properties can be traced back. The detective came with the police told him that these thieves may not even live in Syracuse. They may drive from Massachusetts down to New York State, and then Maryland. It’s quite likely that we can never find them. After they stole all these pieces of stuff, they just drove away.

Unfortunately, burglary seems to become a trend around Syracuse these days. Many other student apartments have also been founded broken into, even Aspen, the luxury student apartment and the south campus dormitory.

Liang says: “We all know that Syracuse right now is in this situation. It’s quite kind of obvious that the police can not do a lot about it. You just have to take care of yourself.”

For precautions, Liang suggests always lock the doors, windows, and bedrooms. Install cameras and alarm bells. Buy housing insurance. And do not put the values in the living room that can be seen through from the outside.

He also hopes the community can sit down and talk about the recent burglary trend seriously.


Reported by

Yuhan Zhao

Yuhan Zhao (Jaynee) is a graduate studying Broadcast & Digital Journalism at Syracuse University.

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