Camillus Barbershop Hosts a Fundraiser for the Homeless Saving Face Barbershop Holds Fundraiser for the Homeless

Two organizations team-up for a good cause.

Local Barbershop holds fundraiser for homeless foundation as difficult climate arises in the summertime. N-C-C News’ reporter Gabe Carr-Johnson has more on the story.

Gabe Carr-Johnson: Here at Saving Face barbershop as they prepare for their fundraiser event local barber Jon Pettitt sits down to tell me what is to come during this fundraiser.

Jon Pettitt: on August 13, at noon to four and we will be doing free haircuts, of course, we will have a
food truck and ice cream truck giving away free food, ice cream, free drinks and a raffle!”
Carr-Johnson: Combining with the In My Fathers Kitchen Foundation this barbershop is helping their foundation out a lot. There are many ways for members of the community to et involved with their process as well.

Pettitt: we suggest a $10 donation just to kind of get the numbers up. we also donate $1 out of
each service each haircut that we do for the whole month of August.

Carr-Johnson: If you would like to donate you can head over to the shop directly. All proceeds go directly to In My Fathers Kitchen.
Gabe Carr Johnson N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)—  Around back to school time when the barbershop industry is at its peak, a local barbershop goes against the grain to give back to the community. Jon Pettitt, a barber in the shop, has been a part of this tradition over the last 13 years. He thought that giving free haircuts would be a good way to give back to the community.

“We ended up getting so many tips. We decided the following year, we started the barbecue, and we decided to donate all the tips to a fundraiser,” Pettitt says. 

In My Fathers Kitchen, a not-for-profit outreach organization, sets up opportunities to get the homeless off the streets and into a safe and comfortable environment. 

During the duration of the event, people are encouraged to donate $10 to help the cause, but it is not required. Everything is completely free. In the month of August, Saving Face is donating $1 for each haircut.

The fundraiser is happening on Aug. 13, from noon – 4 p.m.  at Saving Face Barbershop which is located at 4300 West Genesee Street. If you would like to donate, head over to the shop or head over to In My Fathers Kitchen’s website directly. 



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