Canine Carnival Makes Its Return at Jamesville Beach Canine Carnival Makes its Return at Jamesville Beach

The Canine Carnival celebrates its 11th year anniversary

REPORTER ADRIANA LOH: The Canine Carnival finds its way back to Jamesville as it helps dogs find their way back home. The event goes into its 11th year and has donated nearly a quarter-million dollars to C-N-Y animal rescues. Dog trainer and volunteer Nicole Ratliff says the event supports her shelter, Humane CNY, and many others to adopt and not shop.

NICOLE RATLIFF: “Donations are extremely important because the shelter can spend that how they see fit. Whether their monetary or an actual item.”

ADRIANA LOH: The event takes place September 18th and will include vendors, veterinary care, adoption opportunities for its guest and much more.

NICOLE RATLIFF: “It’s one thing to see a Facebook post or Instagram story or something, but to see it in real life a real adoptable animal or even to pick up the paperwork I think events like this help keep people involved.”

ADRIANA LOH: Tickets are available online for five dollars and all proceeds will go to local animal rescues. Adriana Loh…N-C-C News.

JAMESVILLE, N.Y- After canceling last year due to the pandemic, the Canine Carnival returns with much support and sponsorships. 

The event will be hosted at Jamesville Beach and celebrates its 11th year anniversary on September 18th. 

Funds will be raised through ticket sales and all proceeds will go to local animal rescue shelters in the Central New York area. A volunteer from the shelter Humane CNY, Nicole Ratliff, believes these donations will help support adoption causes. 

“These donations matter because shelters rely on these funds to support our animals,” Ratliff said. “It’s important for people to get involved with rescuing animals because a lot of people have an out of sight out of mind way of thinking of animals, where if they don’t see the hardships animals may go through they wouldn’t mind buying in a pet shop.”

Staffworks will be partnering with the event, incorporating many outside vendors. Activities that will take place are interactive shows, celebrity adoptable dog walks, veterinary education tents and photo stations for its guests. 

“To be able to interact through these activities and see an adoptable animal in person keeps the community engaged,” Ratliff said. “If people see the animals at these events and become more informed they are more likely to rescue one.” 

The Canine Carnival has grown to become one of the largest animal rescue events in the area attracting over 10,000 guests within the past decade and supporting over 50 rescue organizations. 

Partnering with Staffworks and Priscilla Mahar Animal Welfare Foundation, they have donated nearly a quarter-million dollars. 

Sales will be exclusively online to ensure the safety of its guests during COVID. 

Ticket sales are five dollars and will take place from 10 am- 3 pm. Any donations will also be cashless and taken online only. 

More information on the Canine Carnival can be found on Facebook


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