Cazenovia athletes placed in difficult spot due to unexpected closure Cazenovia athletes in difficult spot amidst closure this summer

The private institution's closure comes at a tough time for Wildcat athletes.

CAZENOVIA, N.Y. (NCC News) This spring, Cazenovia College will feature a track team for the first time in the school’s history. However, this history is soon coming to an end since the private institution announced its permanent closure last December. The closure, to come after the completion of the spring 2023 semester, has put Wildcat players and coaches in a difficult predicament.

Bill Houser, the associate athletic director for Recreation, coaches men’s and women’s cross country and still believes the “non-traditional” season can benefit athletes. Houser is striving to compete but understands that his runners won’t have a home at Cazenovia next year.

“Some of them actually came here for track. So, to get them to go to a couple of track meets and have some of the other coaches see what they can do might help get them into those schools,” Houser said.

Other Wildcat student-athletes haven’t had the same support system from their coaches. Sophomore men’s soccer players, Vincent Manco, and Adrian Perez Rocha have leaned on each other and their teammates to get through a bizarre recruitment process.

“Our coach said he was going to help us and we’re waiting for his response but haven’t really gotten much out of him. So, we’re trying to do our best to work together and work through this because we’re all in the same situation and it’s tough for everyone,” said Rocha.

A coach's nametag on a door is crossed out with "Loser" drawn on
A now-dismissed coach’s vandalized door in the athletics building. Players expressed their thoughts on various doors. Photo by Robbie Munch.
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Those that are helping are looking local. Houser, a central New York native, is utilizing his connections at Morrisville State and Syracuse University to help find his players and himself a new home.

“I think that we look out for each other and wants us to stay in that position if we can, to help the students out further,” said Houser about Central New York schools supporting each other.

Cazenovia has yet to announce an exact closing date.

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