Check Washing Incidents Reported to Manlius Police Department Check Washing Incidents Reported to Manlius Police Department

The Manlius PD announced that scammers are using chemicals change ink on checks.

MANLIUS, N.Y. (NCC News) — The Manlius Police Department announced on Monday on Nextdoor that there has been a recent influx of reported check washing incidents.

Check washing occurs when scammers use certain chemicals to change the information on the check. Some of that information may include the person being paid or the amount of money on the check. Some of the chemicals used by scammers can even be found in everyday cleaning products.

The Manlius Police Department released a few tips to avoid falling victim of these check washing scams. Through a series of graphics, the Manlius Police Department suggests using a gel pen when writing checks, use checks with security features, avoid sending checks in the mail, and making it a habit to review your bank account for inconsistencies.

The Manlius Police Department adds that scammers have been redirecting money on checks to themselves, and urges citizens to use the few simple tips provided.

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