City of Syracuse Approves Sidewalk Snow Removal Program City of Syracuse Approves Sidewalk Snow Removal Program

Baldwinsville, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – The City of Syracuse is contracting JSK Snow Services to clear approximately 76 miles of sidewalk this winter season. The Common Council Approved the plan on Monday.

The city approved a pilot program last winter that lasted from January to April of 2019. That program covered about 40 miles of sidewalk – the new expanded program will cost about $250,000. The money will come out of the budget for the Syracuse Department of Public Works.

“We’re one of the snowiest cities in the country and for a long period of time we struggled with how to get sidewalks cleared of snow,” said Syracuse Chief Operating Officer Corey Driscoll Dunham.

The city decided to plow sidewalks that receive a high amount of foot traffic as well as those in front of businesses and schools, according to Dunham.

JSK’s Vice President Nick Henry is up for the challenge. The company has purchased new equipment and is planning to make new hires to handle the work load.

“It’s definitely a big responsibility,” said Henry, “but it’s something we’ve done for a long time for a lot of private industry and we’re very confident we can provide a good service to the city.”

The plan calls for JSK to deploy once there is three inches or more on the ground. The company has agreed to new technologies like fitted GPS’s on trucks and tractors so the city can provide up to date information on which sidewalks are clear. JSK is prepared for multiple deployments in a 12-hour period.

“We’re prepared to plow until the sidewalks are cleared,” said Henry.

The program is set to begin  Nov. 15 and  finish April 15, 2020.

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