Clay Residents Concerned Over Apartment and Retail Proposal Clay Residents Concerned Over Apartment and Retail Proposal

Clay, N.Y. (NCC News ) — Residents in the Town of Clay are concerned with a proposal of apartments and retail space because of traffic. The site is at the northeast corner of Route 31 and Henry Clay Blvd. The plan is to have about 100 apartments and three individual retail spaces. The project as currently proposed would be 30,000 square feet.

Sign of Apartment and Retail Project Proposal in Clay
Apartment and Retail Project Proposal Site in Clay
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Residents in the town are concerned the development would increase the traffic through the intersection. Mark Swanson is the Pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church which is located just over a mile from the project site.

“This is a very busy road already,” Swanson said. “It is very difficult later in the evening or early in the morning to pull out from our parking lot.”

Swanson also recognized that bringing new business is always beneficial for the town.

“We look forward to more economic opportunity, especially during this time,” Swanson said.


Project Proposal
Town of Clay Project Proposal Four Phase Plan
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NCC News reached out to town officials including Town Supervisor Damian Ulatowski and every town councilor.  Town officials were either not available or did not respond to our requests.

The business directly to the north of the site is Pine Planes Cemetary. Superintendent Bill Arnault said with more residents could bring more people to the cemetery.

“The more people that walk through actually the better off we are,” Arnault said. “The walkers are our eyes and ears.”

The next town councilor’s meeting is on Monday, December 6th. The next planning board meeting is on Wednesday, December 2th.

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