Clean Off The Streets, Bring Your Gun In Clean Off The Streets, Bring Your Gun In

Gun Buy Back Event

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – Gun control. It’s one of the most discussed issues in America, and something that has barely been resolved. It continues to be a tense and emotional conversation in homes across the nation.

With that, there’s not much being done to come to a conclusion. Except for a possible step in the right direction. A step that is allowing people to make the choice to make their communities safer by getting dangerous weapons off the street.

And that would be a gun buy back event.

On Friday, residents of Utica lined up to return unused firearms for a profit. Guns like handguns, pistols, revolvers and rifles were returned to the Utica Police Department. Some guns were worth more than others, but any person that left the site would have a debit card of money in their hands and without a gun, or two.

It was the Attorney General’s Office and the Utica Police Department who teamed up for this event. An event that has brought in and destroyed hundreds of guns over the last couple years.

Utica Police Lieutenant, Bryan Coromato said that this was a way to give people the option to help clean up the streets of Utica, a place where gun violence is a huge issue.

“Guns that are on the street illegally, guns that have been used in crimes, or destined to be used in crimes. We’d love to get them off the street so they can’t be used anymore,” Coromato said. “These guns will be destroyed, so they will not be back in the circulation.”

One man said that he was returning a pistol that he found a couple years back after finding it in a box. It was a gun from the early to mid 1900’s. And his reasoning for returning it was that he “didn’t want anything illegal in my house.”

So whatever the motive is for people returning unused guns, this event was a chance for people to pitch in. Altogether making it safer and easier on the police force in getting them off the street.

Assistant Attorney General, Patricia Bordonaro, was pleased with the outcome over the last two years and hopes this will continue and keep bringing more people to show up. Also, that it’s important in taking a step towards safer homes and neighborhoods, even though there is still a lot more to be done.

“It certainly is the tip of an iceberg, but at the same time, over time it can make the community a safer place. Or at least it can contribute toward that,” she said.

There is no word on whether they will continue this event in the future, but a good turnout was important. And the City of Utica may have done their part in taking helpful steps forward.

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