CNY Barbershop Strives for a Safer Environment CNY Barbershop Strives for Safer Environment

SYRACUSE, N.Y.  (NCC NEWS)  — The owner of the LABB, also known as Legacy and Blue Brothers , David Moore, set out to be more than just a barber. His goal was to reach the broader community and do it through services and community outreach.

The LABB is just a spinoff of what Moore’s grandfather started more than 50 years ago when his family moved to Syracuse and opened up a barbershop on the south side, specifically South Salina Street.

Moore said he had a vision of this business becoming a reality, but wanted things to be on his own terms. Owning his own building would be the ideal start. He found an empty building on Pond Street on the east side and decided this was the one he had the vision to renovate.

“Once I got the knowledge I needed and the skills that I needed to be able to teach other people, and once I knew that everyone around me would make money doing the same thing that I’m doing and I can help other people, then I knew it was time for me to open up my own,” Moore said.

He says he choose a low key location, because he wanted people to feel safe when coming to get a service but also knew the more space he had, would draw more attention and opportunity for the people around him.

“I had needed to branch out to a location that was neutral for everybody, and I had already been on the front street so I didn’t need to be on the front street I knew all the people would follow me. But I needed somewhere comfortable enough for new people to come follow me as well,” Moore said.

Giving back to the community in any way played a major part in why Moore continues to try new things, along with food and toy drives  and at the end of this month he will be offering classes for people in the community to come learn how to be a professional barber .


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