CNY Breweries Come Together For “Glory For Ukraine” CNY Breweries Come Together For "Glory For Ukraine"

Breweries in Central New York have collaborated on a beer to aid Ukraine relief.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — With the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, people around the world are trying to help make a difference, including right here in Syracuse.  In fact, local beer sales can now help aid the people of Ukraine.

Kevin Williams is an owner of Willow Rock Brewing Company in Syracuse, one of many local breweries coming together to help create the beer “Glory For Ukraine”. Proceeds of the drink’s sales will go towards humanitarian relief for Ukraine. Williams said there was no hesitation in being a part of this collaboration.

“We were approached about it by two or three local breweries and we’re like ‘yeah, I mean, we’re in, let’s do it somewhere and figure it out.'” Williams said, “It felt like the right thing to do, and it’s something that we definitely love giving back to the community and this is something that we really felt like was the direction to go in.”

Willow Rock is just one of twenty breweries in central New York coming together to help create “Glory for Ukraine”. Another is the Buried Acorn, and they say they’re just happy to be a part of such a positive and worthwhile collaboration.

“We’ve done a couple of really small ones, but only two with all the breweries together, but I think it’s really fun,” said Tim Shore, an owner and brewer at the Buried Acorn, “To get together, talk shop and support each other, ya know.”

Supporting each other, while supporting Ukraine. And that’s really what this has been about. The breweries involved have been getting tons of publicity and support since the announcement of “Glory for Ukraine” but that isn’t the focus, or the mission.

“I don’t wanna sound cliche when I say it but like, we’re all people of the world and this all really affects everybody when something this large-scale happens. You want to give back and you want to do something.” said Williams.

“Glory For Ukraine” will be available starting April 22nd, and in addition to the proceeds going towards humanitarian relief, there will also be a QR code on every can, so customers can connect to other Ukraine relief efforts.


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