CNY DJ Creates A Brand To Promote Upstate, NY CNY DJ Creates Clothing Brand

DJ Kobe from Hot 107.9 creates a clothing line called "315"

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)-  
When people think of Central New York, blue and orange come to mind, because of the huge presence of Syracuse University. One clothing designer decided he’d had enough of those colors and is pushing 315 in a different direction. Kobe with friends

DJ Kobe Fargo has been all over the country for his radio career but it eventually led him to Syracuse where his loyalty lies deep in the area code 315. Growing up only an hour from Syracuse he knew the importance of this area to the entire state. He then built his clothing brand off the idea there’s a whole lot more to Central New York then just Syracuse University.

“I thought well what if someone went to LeMoyne but they want to show pride with Syracuse,” Fargo said. “When you see someone walk down the street with the logo 315 you get what it means.”

315 brand

The 315 line is only available at J-Michael Shoes, Glazed and Confused doughnut shop and the Soundgarden record store.

“As a store we have been in Armory Square for I wanna say a little over 20 years,” said Soundgarden store manager , Nick Shelton.

Shelton says that because they have been around for so long they are considered a staple for Syracuse,NY. When the brand 315 came to them he said it just made sense to have these companies work together.

Fargo is currently working on designs for Breast Cancer Awareness and for local high school sports teams. He feels that the opportunities are endless for this up and coming brand.


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