CNY Humanists Offer Religious Alternative CNY Humanists Offer Religious Alternative

CNY’s Humanist Association offers people something to believe in for those who have left religion behind. This begins by getting involved in the community and giving back to the environment.

“We have a variety of community events, we do park clean-ups,” said CNY Humanist board member Tony Krishock, speaking at the Westcott Street Cultural Fair. “We do events like this where we come out in the community and talk to them about what humanism offers.”

CNY Humanists started on the online group service “Meet-Up.” The association gained over one thousand members on the online platform. Krishock said humanism has helped him fill his religious void.

“When I walked away from the idea of religion, well the next logical thing you ask, is what do you believe?” Krishock said. “I believe in being a good person. And I believe you can get there without having to rely heavily on religion.”

Krishock and the CNY Humanists hope to become a more recognized organization by the year’s end.

Reported by
Liam Crowley

Liam Crowley

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