CNY Residents Prepping Their Cars for Winter Weather Central New York Residents Prepping Their Cars for the Winter

EAST SYRACUSE, NY. (NCC News) – Getting snow in central New York is inevitable and any sudden movement on an icy road can make a veteran driver lose control of their car in a split second. One way to help you avoid having an accident is getting snow tires.

Roger Forehand, Manager at Big 4 Tire ,said this is his busiest time of year. Anywhere between 60 to 80 people can get their car serviced in one day at his shop. Forehand said safety is the main concern for customers, and he recommends snow tires to battle the snow and slush.

“Enhanced traction tire will give you better control, I mean that’s it in a nutshell, there’s no other way around it,” Forehand said.

Forehand said a snow tire with better tread is key.

“There built for traction that’s what their build for, traction in the winter, for traction to get from point A to point B and to be able to turn and stop,” Forehand said.

Dan McMaster, resident of Camillus said he has no choice but to put snow tires on his car.

Snow tires help decreases the likelihood of getting into a snow related car accident
Dan McMaster swaps out his all-season tires for snow tires every year. He says it’s the only way his car can get through central New York’s winters.
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“This Honda fit will not move in all-season tires. It won’t even go up a hill,” McMaster said.

McMaster swaps his all-season tires for his snow tires every winter, which isn’t free. McMaster said it’s a need that just acts as another reoccurring bill.

“Eighty bucks because it’s 40 bucks to put the tires on and 40 bucks to put the other tires on,” McMaster said.

McMaster said his car might be small but with his snow tires on there is no holding him back.

“Snow tires on this, this car is great in the snow,” said McMaster.

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