CNY Women’s Network Prepares for November’s Monthly Mingle CNY Women's Network Host a Networking Night of Gratitude

ANCHOR: In just a few minutes, the C-N-Y Women’s Network Monthly Mingle is happening at the Pressroom Pub. Our Nehilah Grand-Pierre reports.

GRAND-PIERRE: For the past year, the C-N-Y Women’s Network has been hosting monthly mingling events to connect employers and executives to women in the workplace. President of Impact, Amy Canavan, says events like these are important to the specific networking needs of women in business.

CANAVAN: A lot of the times women need to know who they are doing business with. They need to trust who they are doing business with. Women are a lot more cautious minded; we are raised to be that way.

GRAND-PIERRE: Free to the public, Canavan says events like these help people network on their own budget. Just in time for Thanksgiving, tonight’s focus is saying thanks to those who continue to pave the way.

CANAVAN: Tonight is about going forward in gratitude. I want to thank these women for inspiring me every day to do the best I can.

GRAND-PIERRE: Reporting live in studio, I’m Nehilah Grand-Pierre for N-C-C News.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)  — The CNY Women’s Network is hosting another monthly mingle this evening at the PressRoom Pub.  Handling community outreach affairs as president of impact, Amy Canavan has been connecting women in the workplace to executives and employers in the community for the past year.

Free from attendance or registration fees, Canavan believes it’s important to make networking accessible to everyone’s budget.  She also sites that it’s especially important for women to build connections in business as they are raised to be more cautious minded compared to men.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Canavan is thankful for all those who’ve came before her.

“Tonight is about going forward in gratitude. I want to thank these women for inspiring me every day to do the best I can” Canavan said.

To wrap up the year, the Women’s Network will be hosting a Women’s Coffee Meetup on Dec. 16 at the Soul Society Juice Bar and Cafe.


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