Cold and Windy Conditions Turn to Partly Sunny Skies This Week Cold and Windy Conditions Turn to partly Sunny Skies This Week

SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) –   Weather this week is expected to warm up throughout the week, with some sun poking through early next week.

Thursday:  Morning snow showers from lake effect snow is sweeping through the south and southwest midday today.  Cold and windy conditions will dry out the snow throughout the afternoon. With the temperature sitting at 25 °F today,  conditions will be partly sunny and will warm up for a high of 29 °F in the late afternoon. Wind chill will be in the lower teens with  35 MPH gusts.

Friday:  The day will begin in the high teens at around 19 °F and warm up to just freezing at 32 °F for the high of the day. Cloudy conditions will cover the sky in the morning with a 20%  chance for light showers by late afternoon.  Wind speeds will be from 1-9 MPH with gusts up to 23 MPH, making the temperature closer to 29 °F.

Saturday: A wintry mix will take hold in the morning with clouds and wetter conditions.  The low will be 23 °F in the afternoon and later in the day toward 6 p.m. the high will sit at 36 °F. There is an 85% chance of snow causing a brisk breeze. Snow accumulation is not major for counties south of Onondaga, where a rain and snow mix is more likely.  Heavy snow will hit Tug Hill and the Adirondacks area with colder temperatures.

Sunday:  With a high of 38 °F,  Sunday will be partly to mostly sunny with a low chance of precipitation.  Temperatures will cool in the afternoon with numbers into the teens with a low of 15 °F.

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