Common Council Finalizes Funding for Youth Summer Programs Common Council Finalizes Funding for Youth Summer Programs

Joey Semel
The Common Council voted on a series of measures that included a slate of funding for summer youth programs. Our miles hood was at a meeting and could tell us just what the city has in store miles.

Miles Hood: Joey. Thanks so much. See the Syracuse Common Council met for just under an hour today in their regular meeting and discussed over 86 different items. Now, around 12 of those items on the agenda focused on giving kids something fun for the summer

councilors talking: First, we have Education and Human Development at Syracuse

Miles Hood
The common council voted today to fund a slate of summer programs. These programs partner with the red house art centers, the Museum of Science Technology, Syracuse University and plenty of others. Counselor at large was seated Caldwell oversaw the agreement of the funding, and it has over $10,000 heading to support STEM arts and physical active programs.

Rasheada Caldwell
Anytime we’re doing anything for the youth. It is amazing. You know, we got to continue to build and I noticed,

Miles Hood
speaking to the Museum of Science Technology, they say their summer program is to help kids learn something in the low between school years,

Lauryn Kochian
making sure they’re learning all summer long preventing that sort of summer slide. That tends to happen when kids are not in school.

Miles Hood
But it’s not just at the museums where these programs are going to take place across the city in parks like Thornton and Kirk. Families are excited to see what can come with the funding and are hoping to get kids back to being kids.

Kintara Randall
I think it’s great because they are able to get back outside and not have to worry about you know, being cooped up in a house trying to figure out how to have fun.

Miles Hood
most of these programs will begin the first week of July and run through the entire summer. Reporting in studio. I’m Miles hood

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – In a regular session Monday, the Syracuse Common Council agreed to terms that allocated funding to various recreation projects. These summer projects partner with local attractions like the  Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology, Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse University and Redhouse Arts Center among others.

The programs range from arts and crafts, to STEM education, and physical activity.

Syracuse residents like Kintara Randall are excited to see kids get some form of normalcy return.

“When I was growing up I was outside all the time and I learned a lot. Now kids are learning on how to be friends indoors and its not the same. So to see the kids able to do that again is nice,” Randall said.

The programs this year will take place at buildings like the MOST and the zoo but also at parks like Kirk and Thornden. Speaking to Councilor-at-large Rasheada Caldwell, she said believes having the programs in the community is a way to “connect the community and the kids to new experiences and adventures.”

The funding has over 10 agreements and allocates more than $10,000, which are scheduled to begin in July.

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