Construction on I-690 Set to Begin Monday Night, Closes Lanes for Up to Six Weeks Construction on I-690 Set to Begin Overnight, Close Lanes for 6 Weeks

The project aims to improve highway conditions but causes concerns over traffic.

Frank Salerno: Yea Jenna, I’m out here near Teall Avenue right now where construction is expected to begin overnight on I-690. Right now, there isn’t much signs of congestion for the construction has yet to begin, it is expected to begin overnight tonight into tomorrow, depending on the severity of the weather. Left lanes near the median are expected to be closed down on both the East and West-bound lanes. I talked to Curtis Jetter, the Public Information Officer at the New York Department of Transportation, and he discussed the specifics of this project.

Curtis Jetter: “This is the final phase of the 690 Teall-Beech Project, scheduled to be completed in June. Work that’s being done towards this phase of the project is center median work making adjustments to the center median, then we’re re-paving and re-stripping.”

Salerno: Jetter also mentioned that this final stage is the end of a multi million dollar project aimed at improving I-690 over Beech Street and Teall Avenue. The project began over a year ago. For drivers, expect some slower traffic on I-690 starting as early as tonight, but expect some smoother roads come this summer. Frank Salerno, N-C-C News

SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) — In the next few weeks, drivers that frequent I-690 might face some traffic on their commutes to and from work. Starting late Monday, a construction project will begin on the median of the highway, closing down the left lane on the east and west-bound sides.

The construction is the continuation of a multi-million-dollar project to improve conditions along I-690. The current project, which is the last of the initiative, will take place near Teall Avenue and Beech Street. Curtis Jetter, the public information officer at the New York Department of Transportation, outlined the specifics of the construction project to NCC News on Monday.

“Work that’s being done towards this phase of the project is center median work,” Jetter said. “Then we’re re-paving and re-stripping [the roads].”

On both sides of the highway, the left most-lane will be closed during the day, leaving two lanes open on both sides and all exit ramps. John Cronkwright, project supervisor, said that the lane closures will stay consistent throughout the day during the next four to six weeks while construction takes place.

“We don’t set up a daily closure, it’s a long-term closure,” said Cronkwright. “It’s not a set up that they are modifying, it’s not like they can get in and out every day and reset it. It’s going to be the same as it was the last year and a half, where we have two lanes open in each direction.”

Drivers may experience a little more congestion during their morning commute  but with all the exit ramps open, unlike past projects, Cronkwright says drivers should prepare for only a slight delay.

More information can be found regarding traffic updates and alerts on

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