Continuing the Legacy: From Brother to Brother Continuing the Legacy: From Brother to Brother

Moravia Basketball Begins New Season With New Coach

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – 12 years ago, there was a man who stepped foot back in Moravia Central School District. He’d grown up in Moravia and had fallen in love playing basketball there.

After starting a career in coaching at Auburn High School, the boys varsity basketball position opened up in Moravia in 2007.

That man, Todd Mulvaney, would accept the position and begin a journey that would be unforgettable.

Within one year into his position, the entire community had completely bought in to their head coach and embraced him with full arms. He had created a family and a certain bond that could not be taken away.

On top of that, they won. And they won a lot.

Fast forward to 2019, and the program would have four Final Four appearances and one elusive state title.

On Monday, Moravia would get back on the court for the first official day of high school basketball practice.

The only difference would be that Mulvaney would not be on the sideline.

Instead, a close companion to Mulvaney would be. His own brother, Cory Langtry.

Langtry was also a big time athlete in Moravia and came back to his home town to coach. He would be the head coach of the JV basketball team for years, under his big brother and getting his players ready to take on the varsity level.

And Langtry knows the tall task he will be facing.

“Obvioulsy some big shoes to fill,” Langtry said. “I hope we can keep the program going in the right direction, and if that brings more championships, that’d be great.”

And since Langtry had been in the program and coachign alongside Mulvaney for so long, he’s already accustomed to the term “family.” A term that has kept the train running and built the foundation for what Moravia basketball is.

“We’ve built a program that has had some success on that motto of family first. Let’s fight and be together whenever we need each other, we’re there,” Mulvaney said. “It doesn’t need me at the helm to continue that tradition.”

In a community that has become so tight and reliant on the Moravia basketball program, it’s hard to let its themes of family and togetherness go. Yet, it is something that happens more than not. That’s why sports is so unpredictable.
But in Moravia, it doesn’t seem like that will stray away. With Langtry now at the helm, it keeps the family in tact. Plus, Mulvaney won’t be too far away.

He’s actually just down the hall.

Mulvaney did not just leave the head coaching position. Instead, he took the Athletic Director position in the same school. An opportunity he said that he could not pass up. Not only will he still be able to have input on the basketball program, he gets a broad look at all the sports, only growing the community even more.

And if Langtry ever needs his brother’s help, it’s just a stone throw away.

“I can walk five steps and ask him anything or advice, and I’m sure he’ll be right there watching,” said Langtry.

And there happens to be some advice from Mulvaney to Langtry.

“Take it in stride. You’re going to have some good moments, but you’re going to have some learning opportunities,” Mulvaney said. “I want him to be his own coach and teach the kids his strengths. What I do want him to carry over is the hard work piece and pride. We want that to be the staple of Moravia basketball for years to come.”

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