Councilor Steve Thompson Says Real-Time Crime Center Will Be Approved Syracuse Police To Begin Real-Time Crime Center Construction 'Right Away'

The center would assist police with immediate information for officers.

Luca: Imagine a large intelligence room where dispatchers can relay live information to Officers out in the field.

Thompson: And now the Syracuse Police Department has numerous cameras which are brought into a block area in a room where they can monitor these cameras real time.

Luca: But the crime center is going to have more than just city cameras.

Thompson: They’re going to be large monitors, they’re going to try to tie into more of the computerization that’s out there relative to cameras that other stores are using.

Luca: Thompson says that they’re looking to begin construction right away.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — A storekeeper is robbed at gunpoint on South Salina Street. They’re unharmed and quickly phone in a description of the car and the event to the Syracuse Police Department, who then use the descriptions and its cameras to track the driver throughout the city until officers are able to apprehend the suspect.

The installation of a Real-Time Crime Center inside of the Public Safety Building would allow for some kinds of investigations to proceed in this way. Syracuse Common Councilor Steve Thompson said that some retired and part-time police officers are going to be able to use this technology.

“They can check those cameras in that area to see if somebody who committed the crime actually looks like they’re on the camera, or if there’s a vehicle involved, they can see the direction of the vehicle,” Thompson said.

Thompson is the Majority Leader on the Common Council.
Councilor Thompson addresses a fellow council member ahead of Mayor Ben Walsh’s budget presentation on Monday.
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He also said that the department will be receiving some trained personnel from the state to help operate the Real-Time Crime Center along with the retired, part-time or injured officers.  This is in an effort to avoid taking active officers off the street. The crime center will be installed inside the Public Safety Building.

He also said that some of the Syracuse Surge efforts that include data collection might be able to add to the resources in the center.

“We have data all over the place, and what this will do is hopefully centralize a lot of that, if not all of it,” Thompson added.

The push for a Real-Time Crime Center was originally started by the city of Syracuse reaching out the state for assistance.  The  police department has asked the  Common Council to approve the funding at its next meeting. The department asked to  reallocate  about $1.9 million from another part of its existing budget.

“They’re looking to get this going right going right away,” Thompson said. “It will be approved, and they’re looking to get moving on it right away.”


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