COVID Vaccine Eligibility Expansion Allows Syracuse Students to Get Their Shot COVID Vaccine Eligibility Allows Syracuse Students to Get Their Shot

SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC News) – After over a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Yorkers finally have the chance to get the much anticipated vaccine. Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are offering different COVID-19 vaccinations that multiple sites in the Central New York area now provide.


The vaccines were initially targeted for older individuals or those with underlying health concerns. But now, after successful vaccinations continue to add up, eligibility has expanded, giving more opportunities to younger individuals who may not have pre-existing health conditions.


Among those taking advantage of this opportunity to get the vaccine are Syracuse University students.

SU senior Matty Monahan, who received his vaccine a few weeks ago, said, “I think if it was January or February I definitely wouldn’t go get it because I feel like there weren’t as many back then and older people should have gotten it then.”


But now that others with greater health concerns are vaccinated Monahan changed his stance.

“Knowing older people and people with pre-existing conditions were first in line, it makes me feel better about getting my shot when I did,” Monahan said.


Another Syracuse student, senior Olivia Vinciguerra, said she also had reservations about getting the vaccine.

“I was wrestling with it myself because I kinda felt guilty getting it because I don’t have underlying conditions, I got it because of my job.” She said. “I thought enough time had passed where enough people who really, really needed it would’ve been able to get it regardless.”


The New York State Fairgrounds are currently the second highest single day performing vaccination site in the country according to Governor Andrew Cuomo. Thousands upon thousands of people coming from all over the state to get the much needed vaccine.


Fairgrounds spokesperson Dave Bullard said he’s checked in people at the fairgrounds that have come from as far as the big apple.

“It’s really something to look down at somebody’s driver’s license and see that they came from Buffalo, or Binghamton or Albany, or they’ve come from Long Island,” Bullard said. “I checked in a guy from downtown Manhattan.”


Until more vaccination sites are opened, many New York residents may find themselves traveling hours away to get a shot. However, new sites are opening across the state. Here in Onondaga County, the OnCenter became a vaccination site where more local individuals including more SU students, continue to get vaccinated.


As a spokesperson Bullard said he gets excited when older people strut down the line as they go and get their shots. This past year has been so stressful for so many and he says these shots ease everyone’s nerves.

“Getting those shots makes that stress start to dissipate,” Bullard said. “It doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over. But it does mean that there’s positive forward motion.”


The New York State Fairgrounds will continue to operate 24/7 as a vaccination site. Visit or call 1-888-NYS4VAX (1-888-697-4829) for more information.

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