Crackdown Targets Businesses That Sell Alcohol to Minors Crackdown Targets Businesses That Sell Alcohol to Minors

New York State recently charged 141 businesses with selling alcohol to minors.

KRONBERG: Orange Crate Brewing Company has taken action of its own, by implementing a brand new security system just last weekend.

PELTZ: “We just recently purchased like these ipads, or iPhone touches, that now scan and blacklight ids”

KRONBERG: The bar could tell multiple kids with fakes were trying to get in, so they wanted a more sure way to prevent it.
Manager of Faegan’s Pub, Matt Hayes has all the faith in bouncer Justin Dearstine to keep underage kids out.

HAYES: “He’s our scanner right here. His eyes.”

KRONBERG: Faegan’s believes it’s important to keep minors out of the bar because not only are they liable by serving minors, but they could be responsible for what happens once the minor leaves.

Jacob Kronberg, N-C-C News.

By Jacob Kronberg SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — One hundred and forty-one New York businesses with liquor licenses face charges of selling alcohol to minors. This came as a result of a three-month crackdown on drinking organized by the Department. of Motor Vehicles and the State Liquor Authority. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the results, and said the crackdown began in August, targeting  bars, grocery stores, and convenience stores selling alcohol to minors. 

Bouncer, Justin Dearstine, checking and ID at Faegan's Pub.
Faegan’s Pub utilizes trained and experienced bouncers to check the ID’s of all come to the bar.

Decoys from the State Liquor Authority bought alcohol with fake identification from 141 stores across New York state, according to the governor, while 365 stores refused to do so.

Keeping minors from buying and drinking alcohol is something that bars in the Syracuse area take seriously. Bars such as Orange Crate Brewing Company and Faegan’s Pub stressed the obvious answer of it being against the law. Neither bar faces charges from the crackdown.

“Well, for one thing, it’s illegal to serve them,” said Matt Hayes. “Automatically you’re putting yourself at risk of having your name in the paper for something ambiguous and endangering the welfare of a minor.”

In some cases, a bar could be held responsible for the acts of an underage drinker after he or she leaves the premises.

“Just so we don’t get the police coming in here, or get a fine on our hands,” said Natalie Peltz. “Or even preventing kids from having a fine on their end, or having that on their record.”

Bars go about the prevention of underage kids getting in to drink in different manners. Faegan’s relies on trained bouncers to detect fake identification. They consider Justin Dearstine, a bouncer there for eight years, their scanner.

Orange Crate Brewing Company takes a different route.

“We just recently purchased like this iPad, or iPhone touches, that now scan and blacklight IDs,” said Peltz.

Peltz believes the app made a major difference in just a week.

“We’ve definitely noticed more by using it,” said Peltz. “Which is a miss on our end from before.”

Both Orange Crate Brewing Company and Faegan’s Pub plan to continue to prevent minors from drinking for years to come.


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