Cuomo Visit to Syracuse Unrelated to Vandalism at SU Cuomo Visit to Syracuse Unrelated to Vandalism at SU

Bull: As election day arrives, voter registration can be a real concern.
Not only can the process be difficult, but what about people who are registered in two states?
Despite public opinion, it is not illegal to be registered to vote in multiple jurisdictions, and many Americans are.
But Syracuse Unviersity Political Science Professor Shana Gadarian says it isn’t a huge concern for voter fraud.

Gadarian: There is very very little voter fraud in the US right the studies that look at voter fraud find that we’re talking about like five cases, we’re not talking about like five percent of cases, we’re talking like five, 10, 15 cases out of millions and millions of votes, so voter fraud is not really an issue

Bull: Gadarian says that even people who manage to vote in two places would not have a massive effect on the democratic process.

Gadarian: If you think about the look like the logic of voting in two places, one, what are the odds that you’re gonna be kind of that critical vote that moves an election.

Bull: According to Gadarian, if voter fraud was really happening, we would know.

Gadarian: I just think them the amount of scale this would have to happen and actually make any effect on an electoral outcome would be yeah so so so large right it would have to be a conspiracy among so many people, that … we would know something about it probably ahead of time.

Bull: Voter registration is done state-to-state, and there is definite potential to fall through the cracks. But even if you’re able to take advantage of this loophole, be warned: you could face heavy fines and prison time for voting twice.
On Election Day, I’m Democracy in Action’s Sasha Bull.

Governor  Cuomo is in the Salt City Today.

According to his website,  Cuomo is giving an announcement at Million Air, a private aviation facility at Syracuse-Hancock International Airport.

Million Air could not confirm the exact nature of the announcement, but Cuomo said in a tweet that he “gave notice of [his] intention to revoke National Grid’s certificate to operate its downstate gas franchise.”

Cuomo’s visit to Syracuse comes just hours after he directed the New York State Police Hate Crimes Task Force and the State Division of Human Rights to investigate the racist graffiti found in a Syracuse University dorm last week.

Some Syracuse students believe Cuomo should make the effort to address the investigation while here.

“I think he should and I think he will,” said Will Findlay, a former Day Hall resident.

Students think it would be inappropriate for Cuomo to not try to influence change.

“Given the circumstances and the pre-existing precedent at Syracuse, this could be grounds for him to make a statement and to make a bigger case for change,” junior Owen Valentine said. “After the comments he made yesterday it’s a little bit odd for him not to say anything.”

The investigation into the racist defacement of two bathrooms in Day Hall is ongoing, according to an email sent to the Syracuse University community from Robert Hradsky, the vice president of the student experience.


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