What Is Brewing Inside Of Julie’s Cauldron? What's brewing inside of Julie’s Cauldron, a local CNY shop?

A local CNY shop is filled with lots of hocus pocus and a real life witch.

Kirkville, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – With Halloween around the corner, this story dives deep into all the hocus pocus we learnt about growing up watching Halloween movies. Halloween runs all year round for Julie Sims. Besides being the shop owner to Julie’s Cauldron in Kirkville, Julie is also a practicing witch!

 “A witch is someone that takes their daily life and they do affirmations to themselves, they do energy work, they turn themselves inward to really find what they need out of life and use their energies to get what they need out of life,” said Sims. 

The store carries a plethora of items for witchcraft like cauldron brews. Cauldrons brews are just as they sound, they get brewed just like we saw witches do in the movies but this time these cauldron brews have specific intentions like : cleansing, money, love, prophecy and protection.

“You can make any spells you’re own,” Sims said and encourages everyone to try them. 

According to Sims, witches focus on intention and energy work. “We’re trying to pull in the energies that we want and everyone wants to have good energies… To me, I want to be uplifting to people, so I would never want to harm anybody,” said Sims.

If you are looking to pass by Julie’s Cauldron for some spell work of your own, the shop address is linked below.

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