Doggie Daycare is Prepared For The Winter Doggie Daycare Prepares For Winter

SYRACUSE, N.Y –  Dog owners take their pups very seriously. Finding someone they trust to take care of their pets can often times be a task. Central New York natives have a place they can rely on no matter what kind of weather is  in place. Blue Collar Doggie Daycare  has earned the trust of local dog owners by providing proper care and necessities for dogs while their owner is away.

“My dog is very important to me, I’ve had dogs growing up my whole life. Currently this is my second German short haired pointer. He’s my boy. Everywhere I go he goes,” Avery Burke said.

Blue Collar Doggie Daycare  is a place where the dogs can feel at home and be as playful as they want.

“”During the winter could be tough. There’s a lot of doggie daycares that don’t have access to outdoor facilities. This one is nice because the dogs have an area where they can roam,” Burke said.

Blue Collar Doggie Daycare created a space for the dogs to get all the exercise they need during the winter.

“During the summer we have a huge outdoor space so for the winter we make it half the size. We flipped the fence, make half the size. So yes they can still go outside but they don’t have as much room to run because it’s a lot colder so we need to watch them a lot closer,” Melissa O’Hare said.

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