Dome’s Elton John Concertgoers Disappointed But Not Deterred Dome's Elton John Concertgoers Disappointed but not Deterred

Attendees Enjoyed the Show Despite Negative Experience

By Bryce Gelman Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) –  The Elton John concert at the JMA Wireless Dome last Saturday seemed like a major hit. Sold out crowd and one of the greatest performers of all time, what could go wrong? Apparently, a lot.

In the hours following the event, social media posts began to flood out regarding the nightmare journey some had getting to their seats.

Eva Bouchard, a Syracuse resident who was at the event, was just one of many who went online to share their experience of being stuck on the concourse.

“It was pretty bad…I didn’t understand why we were all stuck there. I’ve been to a lot of football games and basketball games and it’s never been an issue like that,” Bouchard said.

She went on to explain how the panic started to set in at 8, when Elton John took the stage.  “Once the music started, like everyone was getting impatient and it was getting a little more aggressive,” she said.

Bouchard got to the event at 7:40, and eventually got to her seat around 8:20. However, people who arrived even earlier also experienced the same issues.

Allison Leavy of New Jersey arrived with her family at the JMA Dome at 7, hoping to have enough time to not only get to her seat but to get merchandise as well. This did not come to fruition.

“I’ve been to the Dome a lot, and this is the most crowded I’ve ever seen [it]. We were like cattle. It was terrible, I have to be honest,” she said. “My family and I could not get over the lines to buy merch, and they had a lot of stands, but I just don’t know if they’ve ever had a star the caliber of Elton John there.”

Bouchard and Leavy agree that this was probably just a one-time thing, and would attend the JMA Dome again for other events.

It remains to be seen whether or not the security staff will have an easier time preventing against major crowd traffic going in and out of the building in the future.

Their next test will be tomorrow when Syracuse Football faces off with Purdue at 12 in the Dome following one of its best starts in recent memory.

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