Downtown Atlanta Business Remains Boarded up Despite no Signs of Looting Downtown Business Remains Boarded up Despite no Signs of Looting

HSU: “it’s connected with chinese art with two chinese ladies playing chess, with the side of the tree, with the lotus flower. ”

SINGLETON: “The restaurant owner adds that this window was ordered from China 30- years-ago and that if any part of the 4 panel window breaks, they will have to repurchase all parts.”

HSU: “ it would just take forever, they might not have the same window.”

SINGLETON: “The restaurant just opened yesterday for takeout and will remove the boards when the dining room reopens.”

ATLANTA GA (NCC NEWS) – Weeks after destructive looting, businesses across Atlanta are removing plywood from the windows and doors. Yet some businesses are choosing to keep their boards up, despite enduring any damage. 

Gourmet Chinese restaurant, Hsu’s [SHOES], is one of the businesses. Stated by the restaurant owner, who would like to remain anonymous, wants to protect the 30-year-old, Chinese stained glass windows. 

“It’s connected with Chinese art with two Chinese ladies playing chess, on the side of the tree, with the lotus flower,” Hsu said.

Hsu’s restaurant owner stated that the business was afraid of any damage, so boards were put up to prevent it. After only being open again for 2 days, Hsu plans to take down the plywood when the dining room reopens. 

“I’m not even sure when we’re going to open the dining room,” Hsu said. 

Hsu also ordered a protective glass, to put in front of the stain windows, once the boards are removed. 

Hsu stated the business didn’t mind having to close, because some renovations were able to get done.

“ We didn’t mind to rest, we did some repainting and reorganized the pictures since we closed,” Hsu Said.

Hsu’s hangs a sign to indicate they are open for business.
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